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High Quality Foods

We don’t just mean decent food when we say good. We also refer to the goodness that comes from eating well- a good burp, a good memory, a good temper, a good day. And we understand that as our food exits our kitchens, we are responsible for all of this. This faith in goodness is gratifying. Have a look at our services and give us the opportunity to be at your service.

Inspiring Recipes

Our lives have made us urban nomads who live an entirely digital life! And one thing we’ve discovered over the course of this evolution is that we can get whatever we want or need with only a few clicks on our favorite smart devices. Also, food – all sorts of it – to satisfy our various cravings on various days of the week. It’s truly a time when there’s plenty for everybody, whether they’re consumers or providers.

Salutary Meals

So whether it’s a lazy day at home or you are hosting a fun party, you can trust Khanagee to serve you delicious meals every time. Our modern take on traditional dishes and a wide range of options to choose from will help you find what you are looking for. Everything cooked here is completely fresh and healthy. Khanagee team take care of all safety measures while cooking and delivering your order. With us, you do not have to worry about quality. Khanagee assures that the food is the best in quality at the most affordable prices.

Methi Garlic Rice, Soya Granule & Vegetable Pulao, Vegetables Pulao, Tava Pulao, Green Peas Pulao, Green Peas & Methi Pulao, Jeera Rice, Corn Methi Rice, Aloo Gobi Ki Rice, Paneer Pulao, Sahi Pulao, Spinach & Carrot Pulao, Basanti Pulao, Kashmiri Pulao.

Veg Noodles, Egg Noodles, Chicken Noodles, Mixed Noodles, Singapore Noodles, Hakka Noodles, Manchow Noodles, Schezwan Noodles, Simple Italian Pasta, Red Sauce Pasta, White Sauce Pasta, Masala Pasta, Cacio E Pepe, Lemon Ricotta Pasta,

Roasted Chicken And Bow Tie Pasta Salad, Vegetable Fried Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Mixed Fried Rice, Pinaple Fried Rice, Brocoli Fried Rice (Winter), Thai Mushroom Fried Rice, Cheese & Corn Fried Rice, Kabab Fried Rice, Sweet Chili Lemon Fried Rice, Extra Spicy Fried Rice.

Chilli Chicken, Chicken Kosa, Gandaraj Chicken, Chicken Kali Mirch, Methi Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala, Chicken Do Peaja, Kadai Chicken, Cremy Masala Chicken, Sweet And Sour Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala.

Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Paneer, Bell Pepar Paneer, Paneer Kofta Curry, Palak Paneer, Mughlai Shahi Paneer, Chili Paneer, Paneer Tikka Masala, Paneer Manchurian, Spicy Schezwan Paneer, Paneer 65, Paneer Korma, Aloo Paneer.

Snacks ( French Fries, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Paneer Pakora, Variety Pokora). Various Sweets (Order), Various Chocolate ( Order). Pure Homemade Cake.  Normal Regular Food (Rice, Dal, Sabji, Fry And Non Veg Items) Are Available For Home Delivery.

Our Mission


We have started our food delivery service with the mission to impart the warmth of a delicious home-cooked meal to all food lovers. Khanagee is the brainchild of the founder, Amrapali Guha, and her husband, who have developed this platform to serve people from all walks of love and spread the joy of good food.

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Our Vision


Khanagee has a goal of serving healthy and tasty food to all the food-loving people. We work with the aim of reaching all food enthusiasts with our unique dishes that will surely stir up an appetite!

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